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The scene display products to attract buyers
Published:2013-01-09 Source:High Toy Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City, industry

    In a store before the door, the viewer will consciously Wai into the circle, eye interchange, is an intelligent simulation of aircraft. I saw the plane bright colorful dazzle lamp, circling above the crowd, sometimes sharply, sometimes sag. Suddenly, the propeller stopped, aircraft from the people your head off. A man at once took the plane, hard to fall to the ground, then all stepped on one foot。 People respond to come over, his whole person one foot on the plane. This is not a scene deliberately provocative, but a toy shop assistant is the scene display products。

The introduction of the Zhang's business, this is their shop 's flagship product, many people buy。 Now they are showing characteristics of the plane。 This aircraft is the biggest feature of the unbreakable。 It is the whole steel structure, the shell is made with resin material, even if an adult stepped up, never deformation. The plane has good stability, positioning control, forward, backward, turning, acceleration and performance are very good. The lithium battery, it is also equipped with a large capacity battery lasting, charge is also convenient.

In a market that head, someone is showing the shop of a remote control car. Its wheels, body is small, but the big strength, always rampage. From time to time, but also to a deformation, place 360 degree turn, turn out to be broke. Surprisingly, although such disorderly bump, friction, was broken, it still unscathed。 Exhibitors said: " this car in addition to performance is very good, the biggest feature is the breaking resistance。 Children how to drop it not bad. "

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